Scaphoid Fractures


The scaphoid is a very critical and important bone in the wrist. The scaphoid spans across the two rows of the wrist, the proximal and distal row. The scaphoid serves a stabilizing function between these rows. If the scaphoid is fractured, it can no longer properly stabilize these two rows and causes much disability in the wrist.


When a scaphoid fracture is present there may often be tenderness over this bone in the wrist. The are where the scaphoid lies is known as the "snuffbox" in the wrist.


Scaphoid fractures need to be treated appropriately. There are various treatments recommended depending on the type and severity of the scaphoid fracture. This diagram shows a compression screw that has been placed across the scaphoid fracture site.


This X-ray shows a scaphoid nonunion. The scaphoid fracture had never healed properly and now is not able to heal on its own. This can often quite a bit of dysfunction in the wrist and will need to be treated.

Raymond Severt 2013