Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome often involve the area that is innervated by the median nerve. This area involes the thumb and typically the next two or three fingers. There is a lot of variability in symptoms.


The carpal tunnel in located at the wrist, by the base of the thumb. The carpal tunnel is formed by an arch of small bones that are in the wrist, and a thick ligament just under the skin of the palm, called the transverse carpal ligament. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by increased pressure in the carpal tunnel, which cuases the median nerve to get compressed.


The goal of any treatment in to decrease the pressure on the median nerve. This will allow the nerve to function more normally. This can be accomplished by difference methods. If a surgery is performed the goal of the surgery is to open up the carpal tunnel by opening up the transverse carpal ligament. There are many techniques by which this can be accomplished. The main point is to release the transverse carpal ligament completely, so that the median is decompressed.

Raymond Severt 2013